Do you like to win? I do. If you are ready to give up your hopes and wishes and take reality and success into your own hands then we are a match! This will not be an easy process but it is  my goal to take as much of the pressure off of you by providing you with an entire team of professionals to give you a sense of what to expect and how to prepare. Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the world which also brings with it intense competition. At our initial consultation we will cover everything you need to know to compete and win in today’s buying arena. If you don’t feel like a rockstar, I’m not doing my job.

The fun part is looking at homes-  my job truly begins when we are in escrow and your interest is my number one priority. I am a great negotiator and diplomatic listener and have strong relationships with many other Realtors in the city. Things must be a win-win or no deal, a theory I can count on whenever the stakes are high.



I honor each and every client individually, and match that with an approach specifically tailored to their style. We begin by meeting in person for a thorough discussion of your must haves and cannot stands, set expectations, strategize for a realistic search, discuss how to write a winning offer, & prepare for the escrow period.



Deciding to sell a home can be bittersweet, emotional, & difficult for some, while others are looking forward to a growing family and the next phase of their lives. I aim to keep the process pleasant and worry-free. Since I possess an extensive knowledge of the housing inventory we will thoroughly evaluate how best to price your home to get it sold at top dollar within your ideal timeframe.



I coach and consult by presenting the vital information you need to make the critical decisions for you and your family. I put you in command and leave the timetable up to you.  In today's fast paced society of tweets and texts I will market your home using tried and true strategies as well as establishing an internet presence for your property to reach local and national buyers alike. I believe in the personal touch and will work open houses and set up appointments to give a potential buyer a private tour of all of your home’s special qualities. With my knowledge, support, and encouragement, the answers are simple.


Life is constantly changing. Anything can happen in your life that suddenly finds that you are now a buyer or seller. If it needs to happen in one month or one year, I would love an opportunity to hear all about you and what you need.  Contact me anytime. For you, I am ALL IN.