May 31, 2017

The great George Carlin used to say, “Did you ever notice your stuff is your STUFF, while other people’s stuff is their &*#$  ? It’s like, Hey don’t move my stuff, put your &%*@ over there.” That couldn’t be truer for me lately, as I have battled the feral cats who still believe my backyard is their litter box, suckered into paying good money for coyote urine crystals and dried blood / red pepper concoctions (all pretty much more *#$@). While I have started to get the upper hand on the cat battle, another $%^@# show has entered my daily life: DOG OWNERS refusing to pick up after their pets! Leaving me to clean it up! Total bull%&#*! People totally full of $%#@! Classic #$%@ for brains.


Nothing irks me more than the mindless irresponsibility and blatant disrespect for the health, pride and well being of a diverse community of families, artists and creatives, small children on scooters and skateboards, pedestrians, and the elderly taking their gracious strolls each morning and evening. Behind my complaint is my commitment to having an environment that is healthy and pleasant.

On the contrary, the great Gary Keller has said time and again “What you focus on expands.” So I give great props and grateful acknowledgement to the thousands of dog owners who bring along poop bags and take their #$%@, er, their STUFF, with them. We all have $#%@ in our lives, whether it is dog related or not , and it is no question that the way we handle the small #$%@ is most definitely the way we show up everywhere and handle the more important *#$@ in our lives. 

If you haven’t already had enough of my #$%@ storm, write me back with any suggestions.