May 9, 2017

My client Cindy’s biggest concern was being able to finally win a multiple offer situation, close escrow, and move in before her second baby arrived. In our case, that gave us less than two months. In exactly 6 weeks, we were sitting in her new home, cooing over the baby’s nursery items and the abundance of fruit in her orange tree out back. 

The events that followed surpassed even that joyful victory. Her contractions began a week later, one week earlier than expected. Not one to let history repeat itself, Cindy waited for contractions to occur closer together vs. going to the hospital too soon only to be sent home as she was with her first child. When the time felt right, husband Cesar loaded up the car and to ease her discomfort, Cindy laid down in the back seat of their vehicle. 

A few short minutes later, Cindy had a very powerful contraction and realized the baby was making his appearance. She informed Cesar who was already on the phone with 911, prepping the ER to possibly receive Mother and Child upon their arrival which was still 10 minutes away. Cindy tells the story at this point — “I knew the baby was coming, so I tuned everything out, pushed really hard once, and as he began to appear, I reached down, and pushing very hard a second time, delivered my baby myself”! She described the scene in the backseat like one right out of The Walking Dead, with fluids, blood, placenta, and the umbilical cord exposed, connecting Mother to child, in that moment, of utter, messy perfection.


A common paradigm we all fall prey to is forcing an outcome or manipulating things so they are "just right” before we take any action. Cindy and her story made such an inspiring impact on me — a woman’s fearless power, a buyer’s determination and focus, and the innocent undeniable confidence of a newborn to emerge from its chrysalis just as nature intended. Neither were distracted or hampered by shoulds or should nots, and neither would be intimidated or denied by the notions of anything less than pure possibility. If only we all afforded ourselves that “do not disturb” sign in our consciousness, and held fast to the belief that we have everything we need, and are whole, perfect, and complete — lacking nothing. What would we dare to do? Imagine.