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When I decided to sell my house in Highland Park last spring, I’d been living and working in the UK for years. I’m a lecturer in a music conservatory in Scotland, and I knew I’d have only a couple of months to prepare the house for sale, get it on the market, and close a deal before the fall term started. I had no margin for error; I had to do everything right the first time. I had to partner with the best realtor I could find to pull it off. I was i incredibly lucky. A friend recommended Caroline Luat Young – Pinky Jones. From my first conversation with Pinky, I knew I’d made the right call. She clearly knew the market and the neighbourhood and she was organised, efficient, intuitive and insightful. Pinky understood the house, it’s history and it market potential, she knew immediately how where , and when and how to proceed at every point. Moreover, she understood me , and the immense task I was undertaking emptying the house with a lifetime of personal possessions- furniture and household artifacts, workshop power tools, kitchen a library furnishings, loads of collectible musical instruments – virtually a lifetime of family and professional possessions. Pinky, and her brilliant colleagues at LFE managed the real estate process -the physical touch ups, the promotion and marketing, legal work and daily details. I trusted her implicitly and she performed brilliantly. She was always accessible, she answered every phone call, text or message within 30 minutes or less, and always had the right answer or advice. From the onset, I felt like a I had the best personal assistant advisor in the business leading the way, and watching my back. Her insight and expert advice, and her support an council have been crucial. I’ve worked with six realtors over the past 15 years, and slogged through over a dozen escrow negotiations in the past 10. I’ve never worked with any one
more competent, considerate, reassuring and effective. I cannot overstate how grateful I am for having worked with her.
— Steve Forman

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Years ago, we bought and carefully restored a very old house in Highland Park. Every room was filled with the loveliest quirks and surprising details, the sorts of things that make you fall in love with a place. When the time came to sell, it was a very emotionally challenging moment in our lives. We called on Pinky to help us navigate the twists and turns that can come up during the sale of a house. At every step, she led us with a calm and steady hand. Her intelligence, intuition, incredible attention to detail and great business acumen never flagged. She made herself easily available and responded quickly with exactly the information or opinion or encouraging word that we needed. Besides being a consummate professional, Pinky is a compassionate and deeply thoughtful human being. With her warmth and support, we were able to wade through the complexities that arose during the sale process and reach a very happy conclusion. We truly cannot recommend Pinky highly enough!
— L.F.

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Pinky was a delight to work with from start to finish. There were innumerable occasions that she went so far above and beyond what one would expect from an agent it is impossible to list them all here. Suffice it to say ours was not an “easy sell”. We had a very unique historical home on the Westlake/Echo Park border that required just the right agent and just the right buyer. Due to a family emergency, we moved from Los Angeles very quickly and our house was left empty while we tried to sell it the property from out of state. From the onset, Pinky handed everything like a dream...from stopping by to deal with a skunk that decided to take up residence, to managing the cleaners and painters, to attending local city council meetings to keep us updated on neighborhood improvements and shifting property values, to helping us deal with storm damage that brought down part of a retaining wall.

As a family we were invested in who the next owners were going to be. We wanted a great price but were not willing to sell to developers. Pinky had incredible patience as we turned down several offers from “not the right buyer”. She had a real understanding of not only the financial value of a classic home but also the emotional value in a property steeped in Los Angeles history. In the end both us (the seller) and the buyers were happy. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I interviewed many agents and even turned down working with several personal friends to work with Pinky because she put our minds at ease right from the start. We put our trust in her and she delivered 100%. In the end we walked away with not only a seamless transaction, but also a great friend!
— Pascha Solomon

Caroline’s patience and unflagging enthusiasm helped us realize our house dreams. When something was going wrong she backed us like a bulldog. A bulldog that could get what she wanted with kindness. Caroline was masterful with the sellers and it wasn’t easy. Her patience and her ability to calm us down when the going was tough was a huge help.
— Molly Hagen

Caroline, or Pinky as we came to call her, helped us find our new home in the area we wanted at the price we could afford. She went beyond the call of duty to find a house that fit our needs and made the process a lot easier. She paid attention to our concerns and made sure she showed us a range of possibilities. Her patience and understanding of the real estate process was especially remarkable. Today not only do we have a new home, but a new friend.
— Charles Gaines, Professor- California Institute of the Arts

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Pinky was very knowledgable about the areas we were looking in. She not only helped us find a perfect home with views, but she helped us discover wonderful things in our new neighborhood.
— Kate Tucker, GORP Travel Marketing Director

Pinky was extremely professional and did a tremendous job negotiating our deal from the initial stages throughout the home inspection to closing. She was there every step of the way and since then we have referred her to other friends that have had the same positive experience.
— Warren Ostergard, Producer/Director

Pinky was always available on short notice from very demanding clients (us!). Lots of patience, confidence, and understanding was especially reassuring for us as first time buyers. Technical savvy and flexibility made writing repeated and multiple offers easy to manage for us, considering our busy schedule. Lots of great support from the staff and team and Keller Williams too.

— Wendy Hyden, Entertainment Executive Accountant

Buying my house was the scariest thing I’ve ever done—I had great expectations with a very limited budget in a city that can be unforgiving when it comes to buying real estate. My far fetched dream of becoming a home owner had all but screeched to a halt when Caroline “Pinky” Luat came into my life, and found me the home of my dreams. She worked tirelessly for months to show me every property I was interested in and walked me through the process numerous times. I was in and out of escrow more than once and had gone through six or seven agents by the time we met...I never thought I would find something, let alone my dream house. Thanks Pinky.
— Michelle Katz, Line Producer

Pinky listened to what I wanted, gave me her astute feedback and found a property that was exactly what I was looking for: a financially a wise decision and wonderful place to live. She
was a great consultant as we analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of each income property I was considering. She was a strong negotiator when it came to protecting my interests. Whenever I had a question regarding the escrow process, she eased my concerns with her knowledge, patience, and professionalism. I was very happy with Pinky and would recommend her highly to everyone I know.
— Joseph Laskowski, Commercial Lines Insurance Broker

We were looking to buy a house. We were very green to the housing market game. We had a lot of Realtors vying for our business but found most of them to be just out for themselves. Until we found Caroline “PINKY” - she took my wife and I under her wing and guided us through the very confusing process. She went above and beyond to be honest, fair, and above all loyal. We still see her when we go to her rock shows. What more could you ask for- a Real Estate pro AND a rockstar in our book! That was our experience and I guarantee yours will be the same.
— Samson Crouppen, Comedian/Writer/Producer

Pinky is everything we wanted in a Realtor. She has an awesome network that made the entire process of buying a home much easier. Before we found our house, thanks to Pinky, we knew exactly what we could afford and where we were going to find what we wanted. We knew we could get the loan and we got it, no problem.

She never failed to answer our questions (as first time buyers we had tons) and she helped steer us away from problem properties that would have cost us a bundle to repair.

She knew the right inspector to help us find all we needed to know. He specialized in pool properties, and let us know all the issues with the pool that needed fixing. She also got our sewer inspected because of the large tree on the property. As expected, it needed repairs. Pinky fearlessly negotiated a new sewer line before closing.

We love our pool home and our new neighborhood. We could not have done it without Pinky.
— Duncan M.

I’m an ex-agent myself, but rather than try and sell my home on my own, I went to Caroline. She’s on the ball, knows her stuff and is an EXCELLENT negotiator. Plus, she’s funny as heck and always entertaining! She’ll tell you the truth, and not blow smoke up (where ever) just to get a deal done.
I’ve sent several friends to work with her, and they all raved about how she went above and beyond.
Yay, Pinky!
— Kelly W.

Pinky is an amazing asset to have on your team! Her professionalism, spirit, intelligence, and determination helped us through our 10 MONTH WAIT for our short sale to go through.She is great for the first time buyer and is filled with information and patience.
— Heather Graff, Associate Lighting Designer -Center Theatre Group

As a first time buyer, I had no idea what to expect during the transaction. Caroline guided my family and I through every step of the process so that we were ready for each next step. She eased our fears and was always at our service during the escrow period, and even after we had long moved in. We will never forget her!
— Ana Camacho- First Time Buyer

Having never even thought about buying a house, all of a sudden I found myself shoved into position. I knew NOTHING about the process. Caroline answered all my questions and was there for the whole emotional roller coaster, guiding me as to what needed to be done and what I could expect. Through her I found what seemed like the one and only person who could help me get a loan. You couldn’t do better then to have her and her network of people behind you when you go to buy a house.
— John and Diane Gulager

Pinky is the best. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the real estate market in Los Angeles, she is the hardest worker I have seen. She is extremely attentive, will answer her phone at any hour of the day, and go the extra mile to make sure that you find the house of your dreams. She is also very patient, which was necessary in dealing with me and my family. First we thought we wanted one thing and then ended up going with something completely different. Throughout, she dealt with us in a professional manner and worked hard to get the deal done. I would recommend her to anyone, particularly a first time home buyer like myself.
— Robert M.

This past year my parents made the difficult decision to sell their home of thirty years in the interest of eventually resettling in Los Angeles. It was the home that they had built a life in. It was the home that I grew up in. It was one of my mother’s finest works of art. It was a place of laughter, love, and refuge. We watched winter fall from red cushions. We walked amongst the fireflies in the summer, under the massive Ash tree that reigned over its garden. All of what I am was sculpted within that house’s walls.

I say this so that you might understand the gravity of the loss - and so that you might understand how fortunate we were to find Pinky Luat. It was chance that brought us to Pinky, it has been my experience that most of the best moments in life are found this way - and this was no exception. Pinky understood that we were looking for more than a house. She understood what we had given up, and I think - in the end - she understood better than we did what we were looking for. She was sensitive to those ineffable qualities that transform walls and windows into something more. Pinky’s experience and competence are immediately apparent. I had lived in Los Angeles for thirteen years but Pinky’s knowledge of the city was humbling. There was no neighborhood that she lacked a story for. She was our guide through the city and with her the city, its homes, and the vast and wonderful possibilities held within all became visible.

Pinky’s advice was indispensable, personal, and honest. With Pinky there are no setbacks, only new opportunities. Through her warmth, enthusiasm, and professional expertise she helped us find the perfect property. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— E. P.

Pinky is the best! If you’re looking for a real estate agent, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Pinky is knowledgable, savvy, and she expertly negotiated a great deal for us. The specifics of our deal were a little complicated, and Pinky steered through it all with ease and patience. What impressed me most, perhaps, was her willingness to let the deal go if it wasn’t just right. She never once put any pressure on us to close if we were not 100% comfortable. She clearly cared about my family and our future and made that her top priority. Thanks Pinky!
— Jared M., Cinema/Television Producer

Pinky is the best. I just closed on my very first home a couple weeks ago, and simply would not have gotten here without her. The process actually started years ago, when I was first thinking of buying and was referred to Pinky by a friend. Didn’t happen then, but she stuck with me, and years later it finally did.

She knows the ins and outs of LA real estate very well, brings an amazing personal touch to her practice, answers every question clearly (I had maybe a million) without ever making you feel bad for not knowing, and responds immediately to every inquiry.

In my case, my family was very involved in the process, and she dealt with every cook at the pot with utmost grace and respect. The home buying process can be incredibly stressful, and she was a calming force throughout.

I’d recommend Pinky wholeheartedly, and in fact I already have a couple times!
— Tannaz S., Technical Director, Dreamworks Animation